AFA’09 I LOVE Anisong autograph lucky draw

Looks like it’s going to be one of those hard to get the artist autograph session again this year. AFA has release a Lucky Draw System for 20 winners who will get a CD/DVD provided by AFA and signed by their favourite artist on stage. Only those with the I LOVE Anisong passes are able to participate in this Lucky Draw. What do I have to do to get those ink,  *sad face* I sense a kow tow performance coming soon…

So how do I join in this Lucky draw?
– Firstly you have to purchase the 2day or 1day pass I LOVE Anisong tickets from SISTIC.
– Once done SISTIC will provide you with the full information of your payment, set and row which you will be in at the concert.
– Take note of the set and row as you will need to fill in the lucky draw.
– Proceed to the Lucky Draw page.
– Fill in all the particulars and wait for thank you message.
– All done? Then good luck, you’ll get an e-mail or phone call from them if you are the lucky 20 by/on the 19 November.

Other Information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my own items in to be autographed?
A: No. The artists will only signed on the CD/DVD or CD singles provided by AFA committee. (Items to be confirmed)

Q: Are the artistes allowed to autograph any items outside of the autograph session?
A: No. The artist will only be allowed to sign autographs during these sessions.

Q: If I can buy tickets on the day itself, why are those tickets not entitled to autograph?
A: We are treating the chance to win the autograph sessions as early bird rewards.

Q: Will buying the 2-day pass entitle me to a higher chance of winning autograph session?
A: No, all tickets are given an equal chance, regardless of how they were purchased.

Q: Will there be any other chances to get the artiste(s) autographs?
A: No. We are limiting this to concert attendees only.

For more information please proceed to AFA09 Official website.


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