AFA’09 Updates

About a week more to go and there has been a lot of new stuff on AFA09.

  • AFA Exclusive Merchandise
  • Tokyo Figure Show
  • Rules and Regulation for Moe Moe Kyun Cafe
  • Media Pass

COSPA one of Japan leading Otaku apparel and goods will be bringing some new stuff which will be in the market soon but exclusive first look at AFA09 this year. There will be:

  • Aquaplus Fiesta Bags
  • First Release of Mirai Cospa T-Shirts for fans of
  • Special K-ON! merchandise
  • Many new stuff like from Cospa T-Shirts of K-ON! Bu, Black Rock Shooter, Evangelion 2.0, and more

Danny Coo and Good Smile Company will bring a first ever to SE Asia the Tokyo Figure Show and Otacool Showcase. One of the biggest highlight as many Otakus will be anticipating to meet Danny and also getting Kotobukiya Otacool magazine which features all the coolest and wildest Otaku rooms around the world.

Those who are attending the event for the MMK cafe will need to note that there is a video of the rules and regulations for the event. Here is a video which will explain to everyone what should and not to do. Your safety is not our concern but we need to look after the maid from hazardous people.

Now for those who have been under Media in AFA08, there’s great news for you. Please check your e-mail as AFA has given single passes to those who attended last years event as Media so fill in the forms and send it back to the admin. Thank you!

For more information make sure to check out AFA09 Official Website.



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