November Stress

Is about around this time of the year I’ll be thinking of jumping out the balcony. Don’t worry people I’m not going to do it unless I’m really that stupid. I will spending a bit of less time on the blog maintaining. Reasons why because there tons of work especially when next week I’ll be heading down to Singapore for AFA09.

Recently I’ve got 1 Proposal Project which just ended so I was really happy with the outcome. Next to go down is Typography Design where I need to do like tons of Digital Drawing and Paintings as where my typefaces will be applied. This involves 3 A3 posters, a booklet and an interactive CD and the crappy part is that I need to present it to bunch of 50+ people. And the final third project I have is a Flash Website which I have to contruct. The fun part to this is that I’m going to be doing Saber Lily Nendoroid as my Adobe Flash product promotion so yes, it’s something interesting but the down side is that I have 5 days to complete it and I need to go around to take photographs as all photos have to self taken.

Well besides projects being a problem, I’ve been getting a lot of people running up to me for help recently base on Multimedia and Computing. I have no idea why but some people have been doing some really good ‘promotion’ in the campus saying “If you encounter any problem, go refer to Kei (which is me)…”. So imagine you getting SMS, calls, e-mails, chats almost 24/7 for these few weeks and the worst part of it I need to travel around. Why can’t some people be considerate and come over to my Studio?!?!? And yes I do have a tight schedule. Being a hot prospect can be a tough thing.

Sometimes I really hate my friends and family, not in a bad way, but joking way. Recently, my friends and family have been doing some traveling this month and of all months it has to be this. I have already explain that November is not going to be a happy time for me but nooo they insist I have to take a break and get out. Yes, I’m happy to be with them but because of this, all my works are on hold for at least 1 or 2 days so I would need to rush. No offense but next time please visit me in December!

As some may know, I’m moving to a new apartment which is going to be my permanent studio and home in West Malaysia. So recently I have been going out with some property agents but I’m still not very sure my fix location yet. Prices of apartments here is really terrible and I’m on a very tight fix as I would need to get my very own transportation and also decorate my Otaku-Crib. I’ve been getting job offers from a few Design companies lately. It looks like there’s a number of web designer shortage going on so I really curious of what is really going on. At the moment I’m doing a bit of freelancing stuff but taking up a permanent job would be very tempting especially one of them was involving hot female models…but I may need to consider it due to the fact I’m going to be relocated from the place I’m currently living at.

Hopefully I would be able to get all my things done before I’ll head down to Singapore for a stress free week. I will be missing a few events back in Malaysia like ACGC 09 Finals which is up next week and the timing was kinda clashing with AFA09 but the worst part was I’m so going to miss Comic Fiesta 09 (YET AGAIN…&*#@) because I’ll be traveling with my parents in December.

Before heading to Singapore I better make sure I’ll clean my Studio, right now it looks like a freakin warzone with papers, books, wires, junk and lots of junk all over the floor, I can tell you this that it’s almost impossible to get your self stepping or tripping onto something right now. I really need a bigger space.


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