AFA 09 Day 1 Preview

Here’s a few preview of AFA09 Day 1. I was seriously very ill and my body felt like deteriorating when I arrived in Singapore at 8am. I didn’t get much on Day 1 truthfully but I still managed to get some stuff in. Anyways, this year’s AFA was brilliant. Congratulations AFA09 and Thank you for the Media Pass. 🙂 I LOVE Anisong.

See you in Day 2! Darn my friend is going to get May’n signature on stage, makes me jealous.


4 thoughts on “AFA 09 Day 1 Preview

  1. Hey bro waddup, I tried to comment on your blog but I think I’m having trouble posting or I’m just technically doing something wrong, Thanks for dropping by my page dude. yeah of course I do remember you and the rest. No one will forget the Bag people 😛 Anyways yeah will stay in touch. I hope to come down SG again around next year, well next time for shopping and maybe go for some good food =)

  2. Bro you can email me here. 😀

    Do you happen to have the other Malaysian guy contact who was with us that day? If have let me know too! 🙂

    Sure we can meet up next year. 🙂 Look forward to more post of the cosplayers and the event that day.

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