00 Emotion.sg wins Double-0wh at AFA’09 Regional Cosplay Championship

Think one of the most surprising results in AFA09 this year. 5 nations and 6 teams were in the final to take part in this years AFA09 Regional Cosplay Championship. Host nation gets 2 entries and it looks like it paid off really well, I guess sometimes being on home ground gets good result like football. Anyways, it was a real shock to most of the crowd that day when 00 Emotion.sg beat everyone on the list, including favourites The Philippines Team WitchBlade Alodia and Ashley, to a Double. 00 Emotion.sg took home the Special Prize,which is 1x Innovis-900 embroidery Sewing Machine + 2 sets of Harajuku Lovers Fragrance and also the Grand Prize, which is  2 ANA economy class return tickets to Tokyo, Japan + 2 (more)  sets of Harajuku Lovers Fragrance. Meaning, the pair will have hell loads of perfume to use now it seems, wow so you’ll know which cosplayer will smell the nicest now.

It’s was a really hard contest I must add, I looked at the performance and work they have done for this and all teams seriously did a very very good job. I was impress with Malaysia’s Sakai no Gumi but guys maybe change the name next time as Sakai felt very awkward for me especially when my culture/language, Sakai means “Someone who never seen the world outside before“, basically almost like a Hikkikamori. I loved Thailand’s Houshin Engi with their sketch. They really made the crowd laughed and everyone was into the mood. Philippines sisters Alodia & Ashely Gosiengfiao also did a great job but I guess “too much reveling” wasn’t enough to get top spot. I really pity 00 Emotions.sg when the 00 raiser parts started falling off during the show. Yes guys, it’s seriously hard for ‘human size mecha’ to move about as I’ve seen it before so even performing a sketch like what they did that day was hard enough especially when one doesn’t want his parts to come off.


“One of the MCs cosplaying Yui Hirasawa from K-ON! Don’t Say Lazy skit.”


“MC in gothic loli.”


“Look 00 Gundam glows.”


“Tada! Ore Wa Gundam!”


“Trying to get a TransArm effect…and because of that, the twin drivers fell off.”


“My you are a tall one…”


“Yes…erm Gundam were NOT build in 2010”


“Thailand’s Houshin Engi”


“I swear it was absolute LoL!”


“Very very cute cosplay”



“I told you already it’s not Harry Potter…duh~”




“Kaname is special gueast and judge giving comments to the cosplayers on stage.”


“Witchblade action!”


“All red…yummy”


“Wow they really light up.”


“Seriously a daring cosplay but never the less superb work.”


“Vocaloid Invasion…all you music are belong to us!”


“Team Singapore – ST Revolution.”


“Team Malaysia – Sakai no Gumi.”


“Team Indonesia – The Endless Illusion. I loved this outfit seriously!”



“Kaname on stage as Gurren Lagann’s Simon (Adult Version)”


“Nice outfit…thanks…”


“And now ladies and gentlemen…get your FREE HUGS!”


“One happy Customer.”


“You are now certified to cosplay.”


“Come here guys…”


“You naughty girl, what are you trying to do.”


“More huggies.”


“Why so serious?”


“Elven huggies”


“I so wanted to meet a Gundam. Kaname’s favourite anime from childhood.”


“And the Gundam get s a hug..awwwhhh…”


“We are cute lil cosplayers who need huggies.”


“Kaname getting a bao.”


“Seriously cute.”


“Ashley gets a hug.”



“Alodia gets a hug too.”


“She gets shy…”




“Gundam ‘double’ checks the prize”


“Yes it’s genuine he says”




“Double 00 win!”


“All finalist on stage”





“Aniki is wondering, what is Shoko looking at…hmmm”


“So who’s your tailor Kaname, can you recommend me.”


“Quite a sad moment as the sisters from Philippines, came out empty handed.”

Basically some people were not to happy about the winners but never the less 00 Emotion really put up a good fight. Even though people say it’s home ground or because the whole thing was under Bandai so the judges were byes who cares, a win is a win. Least I got all the moments I needed and to the sisters Alodia and Ashley, you girls will be SEA Hottest Cosplayers in my book *rawr* and for Cosplaying one of my favourite comic and anime characters you’ll get all my hands up. As for the others, congrats into reaching the finals and you guys did great. Once again congrats 00 Emotion and yeah I saw you guys where having such a hard time loading the Gundam-ium (Gundam Titanium) in the car lot as there were really a lot of stuff. Good work, all the best, and enjoy in Tokyo, Japan (owh and smell nice too).

People who are interested about the event could check out YouTube (the place of evil source) as most recordings are uploaded by now.



10 thoughts on “00 Emotion.sg wins Double-0wh at AFA’09 Regional Cosplay Championship

  1. I am the Gundam 00 raiser in the competition. I personally also feel that we should not have won. I guess 2 & 1/2 month advance notice of the competition is too short to come out with anything decent. I will like to apologize on behalf of my team.

  2. Hi!

    I actually know the Malaysians who entered. They purposely wanted to chose the name “Sakai” because the two of them are quite silly (as shown by their skit) and it’s their first time joining a competition like this so they felt almost ‘sakai’. :3

    • No wonder. I actually stayed with some people who knew them so I got a bit of information of their background in real life. Anyways thanks for the info, much appreciated.

  3. dude,Norm here. i have to say the girls are bootylicious and deserves a slap on their asses. Anyway, i think Adam Lambert up there was a little too frisky with the girl NOT to mention the gundam dude.

  4. Did the two sister cry at the last photo? Maybe their witchblade too much LED that make them look like some hollywood props.

    The indo team are quite good in costume design. Very grand. They should stand a chance. Thailand look cute and suited them well. Malaysia team look rather plain…

    Why are you apologizing? IF there is anyone to “blame” (not that anyone should) is the judges not you. Just do a better job next year.

    Btw I notice there are 2 group of SG team…

    • LEon, when I looked at the photos they kinda look really down, but never the less there’s always a next time and I think everyone pretty much had so much fun which is important.

      • They always seem to win, especially Alodia. So maybe losing once in awhile isn’t so bad.^^

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