AFA 09 Day 2 Preview

“Jesus Christ!!!”…that’s all I have to say…why?!?!? I seriously made freakin loads of mistake this time around, I never expected such an event where I couldn’t even cover half of what was going on. I learn from today I really needed a back-up partner/assistant for an event such as AFA09. It was truly a successful event, no doubt about it and I have to give 2 thumbs up. So I’ll show a bit of stuff of what I could really get on Day 2 of AFA 09. I know it’s a little late but I just got back to Malaysia and I really need time to look through everything.

“Kamen Rider De..De..Decade…S.I.C version.”

“Cosplay talks with Kaname.”

“Hot air AFAs Balloons? Neh…”

“Kaname doing Cloud (made a typo earlier thanks Shinkawa for correcting my beer goggles) from Final Fantasy 7, one of his trademark cosplay.”

“Up-close and personal.”

“Moe Moe Kyun Maids doing their thing.”

“Backstage and Interviews with Kaname.”

“So you boys ready to do voice acting?”

“Tokyo Figure Show X Danny Choo Corner booth at AFA09.”

“Line to Moe Moe Kyun Cafe…during lunch!”

“Taiga from Toradora!”

“Ore wa Gundam 00…”

“Heard of the Claymore Girls…anyways, spot the bloggers.”

“The most madness crowd I ever encountered!”

“This is the line for those who didn’t buy 2nd Days I LOVE Anisong concert, everyone wants a piece of the action for a low cost.
Anyways this queue is almost one floor stretch long.”

“Mirai figma.”

“Black Rock Shooter.”

“The World is Mine – Miku Hatsune.”

“Fate/Unlimited Codes – Saber Lily Avalon.”

“The bag man gets a chance to meet May’n, so who needs to kowtow now?”

Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is the part where I’m going to say, it wasn’t me. But anyways, all photos from here rights to AFA09 Singapore and I will take them down if notified, so please DO NOT COPY and DISTRIBUTE to anyone as this is seriously EXCLUSIVE! Please respect that this is a rare moment.

“The the crowd goes WILD! I LOVE anisong finale begins!”

“Lucky 20 Fukuyama fans get a sign CD.”

“JAM Project member and Macross 7 legend, Yoshiki Fukuyama.”

“A very extremely lucky fan gets to meet and greet on stage.”

“Songtress of the Galaxy, Sheryl Nome/May’n, second time on stage in Singapore doing her new songs at AFA09.”

“This Japanese hardcore fan won the special Lucky draw and flew down to AFA09 just to meet, greet and have photos with his idol May’n.”

Anime Festival Asia 2009 © All rights reserved.

So after a long day I had to walk back with all the camera equipments and stuff I bought at the festival, I decided to have my late dinner at New York New York Singapore Suntec City with Saber Lily. Would like to thank AFA staff, my friends, and a chance to meet a few bloggers who came to the festival. Will do more coverage later in the day as for now I have to get to bed as it was a really long day from the train and flight trip. Hope everyone who attended enjoyed AFA 2009.

p/s: May’n Thanks for accepting and complementing my meishi…really big Thank You!


11 thoughts on “AFA 09 Day 2 Preview

    • Oh crap dude my bad, I was seriously tired, when I doing this getting of the plane and running around Singapore with 2 huge bags and a heavy tripod. Thanks for noticing the typo 🙂

  1. @轩轩喫茶店
    I was there with Anjerasu, me and another Malaysian guy wore the paper bag which was given to us on the way back to Suntec for a while to cosplay. Are you that Malaysian guy who wore specs? I can’t see your blog address. Can contact me thru my blog? Sorry Anjerasu, don’t mean to hijack your blog. 🙂

  2. hello!
    thanks for the claymore picture.
    I’m actually one of the cosplayer.
    could you send me a higher res of the pic?
    thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble.
    but I really loved the pic. >.<


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