AFA09 Kei’s K-ON! Experience On-Stage and Backstage

Just to clear things first, Kei is my real-life initials (K.E) but never mind lets go over to how I really felt at AFA09. First of all, I really didn’t have a motive to actually go to AFA09 if I didn’t have a Media Pass this year. I’ve done AFA08 before and it was normal so wasn’t expecting much until…K-ON! Experience was announced. I went all gaga and say to speak, ‘jizz in my pants’ when I knew the Seiyuus of K-ON! Bu were coming down for a exclusive, live stage dub and Q&A. I’m such a huge fan of K-ON! especially with the likes of Hirasawa Yui (Toyosaki Aki), Akiyama Mio(Hikasa Yoko), Nakano Azusa (Taketatsu Ayana), Tainaka Ritsu (Satou Satomi) and Kotobuki Tsumagi  (Kotobuki Minako).

Before the stage was setup for them I was actually back stage sitting/resting literally just outside of their room cleaning my camera lens, which apparently I didn’t know until they freakin appear in-front of me. My mind went blank and I was absolutely petrified, what could I do when I see my favourite seiyuus, wearing really cute pinky white shirts and short skirts appear right out of no where (without face mask) in front of me. I was asked to move by TBS staff so I went side front stage where the other Official Medias ( and Animax) where standing by. I know, you guys would say, “why you didn’t take any photos“, I wasn’t ready and if I did I’m so sure it’s going to be deleted and that I’ll explain later.

So I went front stage with all my #%$^ed-up heavy camera equipment where I could actually see what went in front and back stage at the same time. From there, some other Media (Bloggers) started to take notice and asked if they could cross the security border. I was given permission earlier by AFA Staff (if you wondered) when I was doing a small interview with Kaname earlier. Like a good journalist I am, I obey and didn’t take a single photographs, why? Because security was super tight. Mauris (correction from ealier as I have a friend name Morris) (AFA Organizer and Security Staff, he is the guy who act as the Otaku in the MMK advertisement) was running all about, giving warnings and chasing paparazzi photographers through the event. Even TBS staff were running about catch people just trying to get a freebie. Guys, they seriously mean business, I saw a guy just did I flash shot and he ran for his life as security were after him. That was how strict NO MEDIA was implemented during that hour. The show started and Danny Choo was introduced as guest MC and translator for the show.

Moment of truth began, they appeared on stage and what the f…wait something look wrong here or are my eyes were played by some Jedi mind trick. No!!! Someone is missing and it was Akiyama Mio (Hikasa Yoko). I think most of the audience were like “WTF where’s Mio-chan?“. A bit disappointed yes but still Toyosaki Aki was there so forget it…she is cute, hot, sexy, yum yum…and I get to see her pantsu *thumbs up*. On that day Aki seriously stole my heart (no not because of her pantsu), he cute personality and her smile caught my attention. I’m not sure if I got hers but that made my K-ON! Experience complete for the evening. I love what she said her most memorable line was the part she thought she played the castanet…UNTAN! UNTAN! UNTAN! *kawaii dehsou*

So yeah, the dubs were done, the interviews were made (dammit my question didn’t get asked because they explained their experience in Singapore earlier) but oh well…some other time. They all did a good job with everything until…a special lucky draw came…and the winners are those who were sitting in the audience !@#%. Another very emo moment, I could even see a guy who made an aeroplane model with K-ON! Stickers customization trying to get an autograph but failed. Lucky you didn’t kowtow dude…or else I’m so going to write and post a picture of you on this. Anyone know the address of those lucky bastards? I’m going to bring my samurai sword and chop em heads off for those signatures…cos I’m an ANGRY DAYAK HEADHUNTER FROM BORNEO! I’m just kidding guys congratulations and keep those things safe and anti-fapped.

Interviews can be found on the following blogs, I’m just lazy to write that’s all.

So after the show I went back stage with some of the media, but…I guess some people just can’t bother and we got shown the exit. I wanted to have a photo and hand shake with them personally. Maybe a photo with them would help but no…out with ye. So we got out and well I get to meet and greet the great Aniki who went to the MMK cafe for lunch. Aniki is one friendly artist and open person, you could just walk up to him and have a nice chat.

Right, I hope K-ON! Bu Seiyuus will come back next time or something with a full squad and, could you girls even perform some tracks next time, that would be so excellent and I will not miss a chance to actually come down to Singapore or where ever you guys wanna go in South East Asia. Aki-chan I LOVE YOU, please sign my GITAA next time (if I ever bring it). Thanks K-ON! Bu Seiyuus, you girls are great.

Hope one of the Official Media of AFA could upload the videos soon. I would like to keep them if possible as personal memories.

“Yui-chan Sugoii!”


8 thoughts on “AFA09 Kei’s K-ON! Experience On-Stage and Backstage

  1. K-ON Plane’s the doode with a 1/3 doll and K-ON Yukata ^^;

    I mean it was all pleasing to me, i did not even bother to try to take pictures. All that it matters is that we enjoyed the entire event right?


  2. It’s mauris not morries… While I have Mr Chu behind me looking at my camera… and half wondering wat I’m doing with my iPod…

    Anyway great article!

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