Kaname☆ X AFA09

He has to be one of the hottest cosplayer in Asia under the male category right now. His popularity is undeniably huge in South East Asia including the day of AFA09 in Singapore. A lot of people would recognize him as Ichigo from Bleach, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 and from cosplayers themselves, best known as Benten from Zone-00. I managed to catch him live on the front stage and backstage for the event which was a huge honor as I myself am trying to go into cosplaying someday.




On day 1 of AFA09 he came in cosplaying as Gurren Lagann’s Simon (Adult Version) during the judging of the first AFA09 Regional Cosplay Championship Finals. On the day of judging he made a few comments and what he thinks about the finalist that afternoon and also we got to know his favourite all time anime series is Gundam franchise. So yeah, you may guess that 00 Emotions.sg actually took home the Double Prizes.




The contestant on day 1 also got to hug their idol on stage live which was seriously a Kodak moment to everyone who attended the event. Kaname☆ was seriously happy about the cosplayers and how much they have put into this event.






On day 2 of AFA09, it was the Cosplay Panel Session with Kaname☆ so he discuss about how to break into cosplay and also what to do as a cosplayer. It was serious business as being a cosplayer is like modeling but here one will have to break his/her own pockets to buy all the materials and make-up needed. If you have help it would be a big help because doing it alone really is stressful as he explained, especially when it came to the costume props were he was lack in skills in actually using the sewing machine.


















At the Panel Session the crowd gets to look at the various steps on what he actually did in the past before he actually got this far. He even showed all his various characters he did as he explained that one should try to explore different characters if possible. Yes, it’s hard but if you are really passionate to do a character you really like, you have to research and work around your own mind and body towards the character. Being one with the anime character brings out the cosplayer in you.








During the final stages of the session the mood changed as he was really touched by all the cosplayers who came to event and how young they were, as he actually started off quite late. Kaname☆ works part-time also in Ikebukuro, Japan (I was there about a year ago darn and I missed it) at a cosplay cafe where he serves customers who come to the shops so for those who are interested and want to meet the great idol himself he recommends you come visit him if you ever come down to Japan in the future. He works full-time with his family business as a consultant in real life so life is really busy for him. All the earnings are for him to actually invest in cosplay and also support himself in that industry.




Backstage a few interviews were done by Animax and other media crew. I gotta talk with him a little about how much I love cosplay but I didn’t get into it as my age but after his session, I am inspired to actually go back to it again maybe for 2010 AFA, he said go for it, if you like what you do you have to push yourself. Kaname☆ is a very friendly and approachable lad in truth, but due to some wild fans he had to be pulled away at some occasions which I would understand myself. If you got a maniac flock coming after you, you’ll actually be afraid no matter how friendly you really are.


Thanks so much Kaname☆ for coming down to South East Asia and the fans really love your work. Keep it up and all the best! I sincerely salute you for all the effort and you have earn my respect as both cosplayer and hard worker.

For further information about Kaname☆ at AFA09 click here.

So maybe next time I’ll come to AFA in a cosplay rather than being Mr.Camera Speedgrapher. But for god sake I’m not going to do Harima Kenji again as I know I got it one to many times already.


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