AFA09 Yoshiki Fukuyama X May’n – Kei LOVE Anisong

One of the highlights of AFA09 this year, Yoshiki Fukuyama, member and guitarist of the famous JAM Project and also lead singer for Macross 7 comes to Singapore for the first time while May’n/Sheryl Nome is back once again to AFA, Singapore for a second year running to perform at AFA09 I LOVE Anisong, Suntec City CC. I was actually persuade to buy the front tickets by my friend because he was a seriously huge fan of both. I’m not quite a big fan but they are my favourite artist in the anisong industry. For me May’n was more of my choice while Fukuyama gave me a very nostalgic feeling.


I didn’t attended Day 1 I LOVE Anisong as I felt so tired that late evening so I will no do a report on it. Well Day 2 was seriously the bomb. I thought there were going to be some stupid opening act by random local band or something but I guess AFA changed the subject and went directly to the grand finale. The lines started to pack up around 5pm at the outside entrance hall and for those with the seated tickets can just make their way in anytime so not such a big deal for me as I got those tickets. Only thing was crappy was my friend actually won the lucky 20 draw to get an autograph with May’n on stage (Yes I was absolutely jealous because the number was 1 difference, AFA did you see the number right I think it was me! Just kidding guys *smiles*).


So yeah, with all the shopping bags and camera equipments all over the place it was hard for people to get by my side and I really apologies for it. I was seated on the right side with some hardcore Japanese May’n fans who flew down all the way with an enormous amount of glow sticks in a big shopping bag. I swear those glow sticks look like a fishing catch, “Hey bro, 5 kilos of prawns…I mean glow sticks!!!“. The crowd waited about 6:30pm (think a bit later than that) and Mr.Fukuyama made his grand entrance. Bad news was he didn’t bring his electric guitars on stage so most of it was background music for the first two songs. His first song from King Gainer was awesome, but an incident almost happened when fireworks came out from the stage floor, he was almost hit and was quite shocked. yeah of cos FIIIIRRRREEE would be great but careful guys, don’t do a “MJ on fire on Stage” thing. As for the rest of the night he played everything acoustic which was seriously cool as I really wanted to play some of his songs after that on my own guitar. Only thing I realize that poor Mr.Fukuyama has to scream so hard that he needed the crowd help as he was coughing, maybe cos there was a smoke machine at the left back side stage (I could see it from far as during the break I was wondering why the smokes kept coming) which was going on all night or well as a singer myself it’s really tiring to actually shout and scream all night. Anyways he put on a great 6 song special and the crowd loved it, I basically had to sit for some of his songs because I’ve been carrying heavy equipments all day long and my right leg hamstring started to budge (an old long term injury from being a footballer/athlete before).


Next came the Galaxtic Fairy, she opened the show with her new single Pink Monsoon from the new upcoming Macross F Movie: The False Songstress, I took note that some people didn’t even know the song and lyrics to it. The crowd went berserk when she appeared and when the tempo raised with her new songs, I swear I thought I felt an earthquake was going to happen. The side I was at was lighted up like the Uta/Sun as the Japanese boys next to me had 5 orange glow sticks on their hands throughout the show. AFA09 was really fortunate to actually got the first live tracks from her new first official album Style – May’n which is schedule released (24/11), don’t be mistaken as May’n Street wasn’t her first album but it was a mini album.

For a finale, May’n actually killed me with her duet with Mr.Fukuyama on Macross Frontiers ending theme, Diamond Crevasse + Acoustic Version. Before the song came out I was literally a bit sad as she didn’t sang it earlier but I guess she knew what would get me and that was it. I broke into tears as I was singing to it. So the last song of the night was duet too, Macross7 Dynamite Explosion and fans were jumping all about on my left side. BUCCCHOOOO!


“Bagman gets to meet and greet, bagman 1 – kowtow 0”






The night ended with everyone enjoying themselves and it was autograph time (bahhh I hate you Bagman). And it was because of him I wasn’t able to go last minute shopping as I needed to watch all the stuff and all. Due to the long wait I just snap some photos and I realize something, I could get a free autograph from May’n is I passed my meishi and get her to sign it, that would be great right? NOT! The bakasaru actually gave away my name card to hear and all I get was, “wahh Kawaii neh Meishi” and the other media bloggers which was with me all laughed. ‘AHOU! Anyways, I just pray she keeps it as a gift else I just have to be a sad cow. Speaking of cows…surprise surprise…no kowtow this year which was a good thing, else I as a Malaysian am going to be freakin’ embarrass by the moment.


Overall, the event was super and I enjoyed every moment (just the fact my body could take it anymore) and the crowd was excellent. Thanks you AFA09, Mr.Fukuyama and May’n. I hope JAM project comes again and May’n you’ve grown so much prettier and sexier since last year. All the best to them and that’s all from me. Wait…I got one more thing to say, stupid orange glow sticks! Why did they only last for 5 min /spit! I stupidly didn’t read the fine printing below which I just realize once my glow stick died on me. *SADFACE*

See you next time! Motteke! Mataneh!

Official photos can be found on AFA09 Facebook and

I will give my final thoughts of AFA09 later in the day, I’m currently very ill after my trip back from Singapore and I just got news yesterday (Tuesday night) from home about a family member (our beloved family pet Sausage guard dog) passed away which got me quite down for some time. I’m currently recovering and hope to finish up a lot of stuff before the weekend.



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