Curious? – Saber Lily Nendoroid X Melon

Friday night outing with my friends at the local Japanese restaurant  Sushi King, Alamanda. Brought Saber Lily Nendoroid with me after Singapore’s AFA09 to have some photo shots. Now that I’m done with all my graphic design works, I should get back to what I love best thus spend some time with the lovely Saber Lily. Made a little story board with her at dinner.


“So what is in the melon, curious?”


“Wow…ice cream…looks delicious…”


“I feel like having a taste”


“Here goes…”


“On second thought…”


“I don’t think so”


“I think the Sushi looks better and tasty”


“Hmm should I go for the sushi?”

Saber Lily was giving me a headache when it came to choices of food that night. Felt so stress and sleepy (just kidding).

My friends playing with Saber Lily.

Gathering at Sushi King, Alamanda. It was Chantelle‘s last final hour to actually hang around with us. I wasn’t expected to come thought I was invited because she thought I was still in Singapore, but my phone (number) wasn’t on roaming when I was in Singapore so I switched to my secondary number and her messages she sent to me bounced back. I’m so sorry dear…was kinda my mistake but it’s alright. Thanks for the times at university and a good friendship. Chan’s going to Perth, Australia to further her studies at Curtin University of Technology so I gave her a few tips of what to expect there. Knowing Perth for many years I hope she enjoys life and well takes a lot of photos with her awesome dSLR. All the best and hope to see you when I visit my house in the future. I sure everyone will miss you so keep in touch.

さよなら Chantelle-chan!  がんばて!

さらば GDD5D!!!またね! :3


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