Sheryl Nome starring May’n – Universal Bunny

Looks like I still haven’t had enough of May’n fever, this time with her Sheryl Nome counterpart in Macross Frontier Movie album cover entitled Gekijouban Macross F -Itsuwari no Utahime- Insert Songs Album – Universal Bunny. I’ve been listening to both Styles and Universal Bunny album and I could picture back her concert and dance on stage. I really love her tracks here as it was more Anisong style.

CD Tracks:

1. Universal Bunny
2. pink monsoon
3. Giragira Summer(^ω^)ノ
4. Izolado
5. Aenai Toki
6. Eien
7. Obelick
8. Tenshi ni Nacchatta (Universal Version)

PV Commercial

Fanmade PV

MAD Version PV

I’m actually a huge YUI fan but with May’n release of 2 different albums I’m going be shifting my attention towards her for the moment until YUI releases a new album or a single which rocks. Motteke!


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