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It all began in 1996 when the Internet was running 56k modems. That was the era when mIRC and ICQ where still kicking and how I used to socialized with people. I started doing my first blog that was about American Comics by Marvel, MacFarlane and TopCow. Those times, I was practicing my computer skills into designing wallpapers and avatars for friends using a very classic program known as MS paint. There I decided to declare my work under Cordialkid Productions.

After finishing high school I decided to head into the IT, which was one of the biggest mistake in my life. I thought it was going to be design IT but I ended up doing Business IT. So I decided to self-study and learn more about web design from books and the Internet. A year later I found myself designing websites for the gaming community. I design a few Counter-Strike Clan sites by using Flash and I did get good responds for my work.

In 2002, Cordialkid Production came to an end. I was asked to enter the business world by my parents but it all didn’t well. Due to the fact I was the eldest in the family many had thought I would be the family successor. It wasn’t the fact for me, I found it hard and ended up doing odd jobs and playing online games. This was also the period when I began to watch a lot of Japanese animes and soon later I got the nickname Anjerasu.

When I moved to Australia, I found myself being closer to being an Otaku. Soon, I lost interest in playing games. I found myself making friends with a lot of people who where into Japanese Animation, Manga and Figure. This was when I started to build an image where people knew me as ‘Harima Kenji’ because I had the same hairstyle (and if I don’t shave yes I’ll be a ‘hige’). In 2005, I ran into a blog that interest me, it was known as dannychoo.com (Danny Choo). This was when I started to get interested into blogs, especially when it’s into otaku stuff.

The birth of ANJERASU studio began in 2006 .I started of using free blog site like blogspot and blogsome but I found that the security was bad and I lost pretty much a lot of work. Now I ended up using wordpress.com because it’s more secure and due to the fact it’s free and easy to manage at the current moment. I’m hopping in 2010 I’ll be able to move into my own domain where I could design and control the blog as I got used to using wordpress.

Pictures can tell a thousand words but to me, pictures give a better view of what the person truly is.
ANJERASUstudio beta1.0

ANJERASUstudio beta2.0

ANJERASUstudio beta3.0

The Author

Name: Kevin Joseph Embol
Hometown: Kuching, Malaysia
Perth, Western Australia
Puchong, Malaysia
CJ, Malaysia
Subang, Malaysia
SPM/O-level, Certified Network Computer-Assistant Technician, Computer Science Graduate, Band 7 – IELTS, Studied in E-Comms & Multimedia, Degree(BA) in Graphic Design.
Previous Work Experience:
Graphic Designer, Games Event Organizer, Cook.

Side Information:
– Studying and Freelancer Graphic Designer.
– Small based Otaku.
– Retired Gamer, under the cult of Razer Products.
– Rocking on my Startocaster Squier Fender.

Favourite Anime: Chobits, Ah! My Goddess, School Rumble, Trigun, Slam Dunk, Evangelion, Gundam, Sexy Commando, Gensomaiden Saiyuki, Bleach, Fate/Stay Night, Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu, Code Geass, Lucky Star, Air Gear, Suzumiya Haruhi, K-ON!, Basquash!, Macross Frontier.
Favourite Male Character: Harima Kenji (播磨 拳児 ) of School Rumble (I’ve been mistaken by many cosplayers as Harima-kun, seriously!)
Favourite Female Character(s):Asa Shigure (時雨亜沙 )of Shuffle!, Eri Sawachika (沢近 愛理) of School Rumble, Mio Akiyama ,(秋山 澪) of K-ON!,
Favourite Japanese Artist: YUI
Favourite Japanese Word: ‘ahou (愚か者) – meaning fool.
Favourite Japanese Food: Unagi (ウナギ) Ramen -Eel Noodles, MOS Burger

Figure Collection
Being an otaku, collecting figures is simply extraordinary. You start to appreciate the beauty and the art of the character thus bringing any anime or manga character to life. Here you would see some photos of some of my very favourite collection through my years of being a collector.

Mikusi Takase Ignis the White Suzumiya Haruhi - Gekisou Ver.
Mikusi Takase – My First and Official Otaku figure. Ignis the White – The best Cast off figure ever, was almost chopped by my parents for getting it. Suzumiya Haruhi – Gekisou Ver. – First figure I used for Studio Photography and was presented as the best work.



As a Graphic Designer, I began to work on the collection I have at the moment. In 2009 I decided to work on figma on an advertising project. The photography artwork below are samples and 2 of the Final work is being displayed in the gallery. Facebook users can preview the final work here.

figma Project 2009 side A figma Project 2009 side B figma Project 2009 side C


Email: anjerasu [at] live [dot] com
Facebook – My facebook which I’m usually active and most of my work are posted there.
Friendster – Not a very active page anymore but if you just wanna add for nuts.