Sheryl Nome starring May’n – Universal Bunny

Looks like I still haven’t had enough of May’n fever, this time with her Sheryl Nome counterpart in Macross Frontier Movie album cover entitled Gekijouban Macross F -Itsuwari no Utahime- Insert Songs Album – Universal Bunny. I’ve been listening to both Styles and Universal Bunny album and I could picture back her concert and dance on stage. I really love her tracks here as it was more Anisong style.

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May’n – Styles / Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee Emotion figures

Just got my copy of May’n First Full Album cover called Styles today. I’m pretty sure Bagman will be dieing to get it later on in the mailbox. There are many new tracks inside which I recently got to hear them live at AFA09 on the weekend in Singapore. Well compared to her previous Mini Album this was more to original style of May’n. The only anime like tracks in this album is are Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (OP theme SHANGRI-LA) and Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! -Styles version- (OST Macross Frontier). Surprisingly Pink Monsoon wasn’t included maybe because it was produced earlier and specifically for the new Macross Frontier Movie:The False Songstress (Diva) which is out in cinemas throughout Japan.

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AFA09 Kei’s K-ON! Experience On-Stage and Backstage

Just to clear things first, Kei is my real-life initials (K.E) but never mind lets go over to how I really felt at AFA09. First of all, I really didn’t have a motive to actually go to AFA09 if I didn’t have a Media Pass this year. I’ve done AFA08 before and it was normal so wasn’t expecting much until…K-ON! Experience was announced. I went all gaga and say to speak, ‘jizz in my pants’ when I knew the Seiyuus of K-ON! Bu were coming down for a exclusive, live stage dub and Q&A. I’m such a huge fan of K-ON! especially with the likes of Hirasawa Yui (Toyosaki Aki), Akiyama Mio(Hikasa Yoko), Nakano Azusa (Taketatsu Ayana), Tainaka Ritsu (Satou Satomi) and Kotobuki Tsumagi  (Kotobuki Minako).

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AFA’09 K-ON! Experience Q&A

The K-ON! Experience Q&A session have begin. AFA09 are collecting questions from all loyal K-ON! fans in South-East Asia so they will answer them during the event day itself on stage. You can submit your questions at the AFA09 K-ON! Experience page. Submission of all questions ends 12pm, 9 November 2009. So this is your chance to get them to answer the questions you always wanted (if it gets selected), moe moe kyun~

Death Note – Case File #02 -Nendoroid Petite Series

The second series of Nendoroid petite for the Death Note characters are out for pre-order. The characters for this series consist of Light, L, Misa, L’s successors Near and Mello, and Kira’s worshiper, Mikami. Those who collected the #01 series could built a mock-up with the collection of the #02 series. They are absolutely adorable and well scrupled as usual.

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