As a Graphic Designer, I sold my soul to being an arts & design person. It was tough for me before entering this industry due to the fact my parents kinda forbids me to become one. They always thought this job was odd, like being a geologist (which happens to be one of my strong subjects back in High School, besides Math) while preferring me to become some IT expert or Accountant (f**k that). But after years of convincing and with the help of many people out there, I finally became a Graphic Designer which is a dream come true (so who says it can’t happen). It’s a hard life but I am having the time of my life, rather than I continued my previous work as an IT technician in some run down building or a Cook!

Back when I was a kid, I wasn’t much into Photography. When I entered the Otaku industry, I realize that it’s actually fun. It’s a very expensive job/hobby to keep up with but the results are breathless. With all the work I’ve done, I’ve managed to work with a lot of people and learn a lot of things about photography.

Ever since I took up graphic design, I always wanted to major in the field of Multimedia. The person who inspired me the most to enter the field was Mike Shinoda and Joseph Han from the band Linkin Park. These guys have made it big after 10 years and watching their works have push me to the level of expectations. Hopefully someday I’m able to do stuff like they do currently and make it big in show bizz.