May’n – Styles / Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee Emotion figures

Just got my copy of May’n First Full Album cover called Styles today. I’m pretty sure Bagman will be dieing to get it later on in the mailbox. There are many new tracks inside which I recently got to hear them live at AFA09 on the weekend in Singapore. Well compared to her previous Mini Album this was more to original style of May’n. The only anime like tracks in this album is are Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (OP theme SHANGRI-LA) and Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! -Styles version- (OST Macross Frontier). Surprisingly Pink Monsoon wasn’t included maybe because it was produced earlier and specifically for the new Macross Frontier Movie:The False Songstress (Diva) which is out in cinemas throughout Japan.

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Macross Frontier movie ~Itsuwari no Utahime~

The Macross Frontier series will hit the movie screens in Japan which will be compiling the full 25 episodes. Due to release in November 2009, we’re gonna have some extra footage and also new songs by Sheryl Nome/May’n and Ranka Lee/Megumi Nakajima. Also confirmed, is the second movie so there’s gonna be 2 movie release. Macross Frontier marks 25th Anniversary for Studio Nue. Can’t wait to listen to the tracks as I really love the songs done in the Macross franchise.

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Macross Frontier’s VF-25F Decultured

Can’t get enough of Ranka Lee? Think your new VF-25F Valkyrie needs to get some ~Kira*? Well Bandai has released a special Ranka Lee Deculture Decal for the VF-25F. Talking about pimpin’ my ride, this is pimp my Valkyrie just with out those sound system and nos tanks you could fit in. I quite like the design they gave it and the outlook looks really like a Valkyrie is going to perform on stage for Ranka-chan. I recently got this baby from the shops earlier this week but after I had my eyes on this I was thinking to myself, should I get one more if they were going to release a Sheryl Nome version.

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