Comic Fiesta ’08 Malaysia

It’s the end of the year and most Malaysian Otakus would already know that the Comic Fiesta ’08 will happen and this time they are located at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. It’s going to be a 2 day event which is filled with many activities. Tickets are already on sale at selected outlets and online but don’t worry, one is still able to purchase the tickets at the event’s enterance. Activities are the usual cosplay, doujin and more. There are some competitions where one is able to win a WACOM tablet or a Notebook PC. Special appearance of the people from Imaginary Friends Studio (IFS), South East Asia’s Premier Concept Art Group will coming to the event doing demos, workshop and meet the public. If you have some really good portfolios do bring them along, who knows you can get a job from them.

Well, I heard that there was a strict rule when taking photos during the event but I guess it’s just to scare most otaku photographers coming to event. I’m sorry to say but I’ll be missing this event (again) because I will be leaving for my hometown. Anyways, AFA 08 Singapore was my biggest event this year so I’m not that depress about missing this event. Anyways, those who will be going do have fun and enjoy!

Comic Fiesta 2008
Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall
20th – 21st December 2008
11 AM to 7 PM

For furthur information just check their main website

2 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta ’08 Malaysia

  1. lol…haha. I didn’t get to go either.. and I heard it was soooo cool!!! there was a really cool cosplay of CC and Lulouch.. they were very famous!!!!!

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