AFA09 X Kei Experience

Let me say this for a start, AFA09 is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, compared to AFA08 and many others I’ve attended in my years, this was an event which tops the list as the best! For those who attended the event; First timers, I hope you guys love all the activates they had. It was seriously a learning experience especially if you are here for the very first time; Returners, welcome back and I know a lot of you have been busy as I’ve been looking through some websites and blog about how much fun (or not) you guys had. So let me tell you my “Journey through the Decade”…wait, sorry I mean Journey to AFA09 Singapore. Warning it’s long so get yourself a cup of refreshments and some snacks to go with it.

p/s (27/11): I’ll upload photos this weekend. The freakin internet connection back in Malaysia is playing PMS once again. I super miss REAL speed like back in Singapore and the time I lived in Australia. NEVER TRUST MALAYSIA’s ISP!!!

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Anjerasu Meishi

One issue which I’ve faced for many years is this…my very own name card or Meishi (名刺). I used to have a stack of name cards before but it ran out and I never made anymore until today. Yes, I’ve decided to print my name card so now I could actually shut some people up. You know you get friends or clients coming over asking that particular question, “Do you have a name card? Here’s mine…”. At times I just say, “Owh, it’s at the shops…being printed…next time…OK!” DooH!

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