AFA09 X Kei Experience

Let me say this for a start, AFA09 is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, compared to AFA08 and many others I’ve attended in my years, this was an event which tops the list as the best! For those who attended the event; First timers, I hope you guys love all the activates they had. It was seriously a learning experience especially if you are here for the very first time; Returners, welcome back and I know a lot of you have been busy as I’ve been looking through some websites and blog about how much fun (or not) you guys had. So let me tell you my “Journey through the Decade”…wait, sorry I mean Journey to AFA09 Singapore. Warning it’s long so get yourself a cup of refreshments and some snacks to go with it.

p/s (27/11): I’ll upload photos this weekend. The freakin internet connection back in Malaysia is playing PMS once again. I super miss REAL speed like back in Singapore and the time I lived in Australia. NEVER TRUST MALAYSIA’s ISP!!!

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AFA09 Kei’s K-ON! Experience On-Stage and Backstage

Just to clear things first, Kei is my real-life initials (K.E) but never mind lets go over to how I really felt at AFA09. First of all, I really didn’t have a motive to actually go to AFA09 if I didn’t have a Media Pass this year. I’ve done AFA08 before and it was normal so wasn’t expecting much until…K-ON! Experience was announced. I went all gaga and say to speak, ‘jizz in my pants’ when I knew the Seiyuus of K-ON! Bu were coming down for a exclusive, live stage dub and Q&A. I’m such a huge fan of K-ON! especially with the likes of Hirasawa Yui (Toyosaki Aki), Akiyama Mio(Hikasa Yoko), Nakano Azusa (Taketatsu Ayana), Tainaka Ritsu (Satou Satomi) and Kotobuki Tsumagi  (Kotobuki Minako).

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AFA 09 Day 1 Preview

Here’s a few preview of AFA09 Day 1. I was seriously very ill and my body felt like deteriorating when I arrived in Singapore at 8am. I didn’t get much on Day 1 truthfully but I still managed to get some stuff in. Anyways, this year’s AFA was brilliant. Congratulations AFA09 and Thank you for the Media Pass. 🙂 I LOVE Anisong.

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AFA’09 Pre-registration up

Pre-registration for AFA’09 is up and running. Just a friendly reminder to all, it’s only for those who wants to attend the event for 2 Days. By purchasing the 2 Day AFA’09 pass, you’re gonna get a hell of a treat, from the K-ON! Experience (YATAH!), AFA Regional Cosplay Event, Kaname Cosplay Panel, Danny Choo Show (SUGOII!), Anime Screenings, Competitions and Tournements. Looks there’s more interesting stuff, you’ll be able to get exclusive merchandise in AKB Town and also be able to catch the I LOVE Anisong concert but…in a first come first serve public viewing area.

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Anime Festival Asia 2009 Press Conference

Today was the release of and also the press conference of what is to expect at this years event. I wasn’t able to go to the press conference but a friend of mine (Mr.Osama) went down to Singapore for it. I managed to get the latest updates from Twitter this afternoon and I’m very happy with the line-up for this years AFA’09.

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figma Mirai

Mirai Suenaga, the mascot for Danny Choo was given a sample figma preview. Ionized the designer behind this sample 3D Max look had a rouigh 5 months getting it done but the finish was simply excellent. Many members/fans are so egared to see if would approve of it and if so,many would be delighted about the release. I would like to get my hands on this babe if she was to be produced. Anyways, for more screen shots and pictures go to We wish Danny good luck in trying to make out Otaku dreams come true.

Inspired by Danny Choo – Lumix LX3

It’s no secret to anyone in the otaku world and in real life but has become the icon for everyone. I’ve been following his website for the last 4 years and seen things that I would say change the world. If Danny was to be the next ‘Kira’ I swear he’ll be fit to take that place. Kidding aside, why Danny Choo has become such an influence to a lot of people out there, well today I’ve noticed something very interesting when I went downtown to do some early Christmas shopping.

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