AFA09 X Kei Experience

Let me say this for a start, AFA09 is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, compared to AFA08 and many others I’ve attended in my years, this was an event which tops the list as the best! For those who attended the event; First timers, I hope you guys love all the activates they had. It was seriously a learning experience especially if you are here for the very first time; Returners, welcome back and I know a lot of you have been busy as I’ve been looking through some websites and blog about how much fun (or not) you guys had. So let me tell you my “Journey through the Decade”…wait, sorry I mean Journey to AFA09 Singapore. Warning it’s long so get yourself a cup of refreshments and some snacks to go with it.

p/s (27/11): I’ll upload photos this weekend. The freakin internet connection back in Malaysia is playing PMS once again. I super miss REAL speed like back in Singapore and the time I lived in Australia. NEVER TRUST MALAYSIA’s ISP!!!

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AFA09 Yoshiki Fukuyama X May’n – Kei LOVE Anisong

One of the highlights of AFA09 this year, Yoshiki Fukuyama, member and guitarist of the famous JAM Project and also lead singer for Macross 7 comes to Singapore for the first time while May’n/Sheryl Nome is back once again to AFA, Singapore for a second year running to perform at AFA09 I LOVE Anisong, Suntec City CC. I was actually persuade to buy the front tickets by my friend because he was a seriously huge fan of both. I’m not quite a big fan but they are my favourite artist in the anisong industry. For me May’n was more of my choice while Fukuyama gave me a very nostalgic feeling.

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AFA’09 I LOVE Anisong autograph lucky draw

Looks like it’s going to be one of those hard to get the artist autograph session again this year. AFA has release a Lucky Draw System for 20 winners who will get a CD/DVD provided by AFA and signed by their favourite artist on stage. Only those with the I LOVE Anisong passes are able to participate in this Lucky Draw. What do I have to do to get those ink,  *sad face* I sense a kow tow performance coming soon…

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AFA’09 Pre-registration up

Pre-registration for AFA’09 is up and running. Just a friendly reminder to all, it’s only for those who wants to attend the event for 2 Days. By purchasing the 2 Day AFA’09 pass, you’re gonna get a hell of a treat, from the K-ON! Experience (YATAH!), AFA Regional Cosplay Event, Kaname Cosplay Panel, Danny Choo Show (SUGOII!), Anime Screenings, Competitions and Tournements. Looks there’s more interesting stuff, you’ll be able to get exclusive merchandise in AKB Town and also be able to catch the I LOVE Anisong concert but…in a first come first serve public viewing area.

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AFA’09 pre-order 2Day Pass I LOVE Anisong

It has begun, today marks the sales of AFA09 for the 2Day ticket pass to I LOVE Anisong event. You can start your order from 9am (+8 GMT, Singapore) online at SISTIC , call them a SISTIC Hotline at +65 6348 5555 or go to their office or agents which are open at 10am (+8 GMT, Singapore). As for people like me who are foreigners, don’t worry, you’ll be able to book those tickets online (for those who wish to use a credit card) or visit their agents (for those who prefer to pay by cash) which are located in Malaysia (3 outlets) and Indonesia (Jakarta).

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AFA’09 I LOVE Anisong

Full ticket information and details are out for AFA’09 I LOVE Anisong concert event. Firstly, the event will see the return of legendary Ichiro Mizuki (Aniki) and May’n (Sheryl Nome). Both celebrities received one of the most electrifying reception by the crowd last year and decided to come back again for the fans this year. Three new acts will be appearing at the event for the first time in South East Asia are Virtual Idol – Hatsune Miku, Seiyuu – Shoko Nakagawa and another legend from group JAM Project and best known for Basara, Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer – Yoshiki Fukuyama.

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Hatsune Miku – I LOVE ANISONG – AFA’09

It was officially announced, ever popular virtual idol, Hatsune Miku, will be performing in her first overseas debut at AFA09 “I LOVE anisong” at the stages of Suntec, Singapore. In September, Miku celebrated her 2nd anniversary with an electrifying virtual performance in Japan and this time, South East Asia will be able to feel the experience at AFA09. I’m sure many people especially myself (being a fan) will be absolutely delighted and honored to actually experience her virtual performance.

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