AFA09 X Kei Experience

Let me say this for a start, AFA09 is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, compared to AFA08 and many others I’ve attended in my years, this was an event which tops the list as the best! For those who attended the event; First timers, I hope you guys love all the activates they had. It was seriously a learning experience especially if you are here for the very first time; Returners, welcome back and I know a lot of you have been busy as I’ve been looking through some websites and blog about how much fun (or not) you guys had. So let me tell you my “Journey through the Decade”…wait, sorry I mean Journey to AFA09 Singapore. Warning it’s long so get yourself a cup of refreshments and some snacks to go with it.

p/s (27/11): I’ll upload photos this weekend. The freakin internet connection back in Malaysia is playing PMS once again. I super miss REAL speed like back in Singapore and the time I lived in Australia. NEVER TRUST MALAYSIA’s ISP!!!

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00 wins Double-0wh at AFA’09 Regional Cosplay Championship

Think one of the most surprising results in AFA09 this year. 5 nations and 6 teams were in the final to take part in this years AFA09 Regional Cosplay Championship. Host nation gets 2 entries and it looks like it paid off really well, I guess sometimes being on home ground gets good result like football. Anyways, it was a real shock to most of the crowd that day when 00 beat everyone on the list, including favourites The Philippines Team WitchBlade Alodia and Ashley, to a Double. 00 took home the Special Prize,which is 1x Innovis-900 embroidery Sewing Machine + 2 sets of Harajuku Lovers Fragrance and also the Grand Prize, which is  2 ANA economy class return tickets to Tokyo, Japan + 2 (more)  sets of Harajuku Lovers Fragrance. Meaning, the pair will have hell loads of perfume to use now it seems, wow so you’ll know which cosplayer will smell the nicest now.

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AFA 09 Day 2 Preview

“Jesus Christ!!!”…that’s all I have to say…why?!?!? I seriously made freakin loads of mistake this time around, I never expected such an event where I couldn’t even cover half of what was going on. I learn from today I really needed a back-up partner/assistant for an event such as AFA09. It was truly a successful event, no doubt about it and I have to give 2 thumbs up. So I’ll show a bit of stuff of what I could really get on Day 2 of AFA 09. I know it’s a little late but I just got back to Malaysia and I really need time to look through everything.

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AFA 09 Day 1 Preview

Here’s a few preview of AFA09 Day 1. I was seriously very ill and my body felt like deteriorating when I arrived in Singapore at 8am. I didn’t get much on Day 1 truthfully but I still managed to get some stuff in. Anyways, this year’s AFA was brilliant. Congratulations AFA09 and Thank you for the Media Pass. 🙂 I LOVE Anisong.

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AFA’09 Regional Cosplay Championship Finalist and Cosplay Pre-Registration

The results are out for the winners of AFA09 Regional Cosplay Championship. With about 30 entries and 2 weeks of judging, each country representatives have been selected. Countries which have representatives are The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore (host gets 2 entries), Malaysia and Thailand. Grand prize winners will be given 2 tickets to fly down to Japan for the Cosplay event to represent SEA (South-East Asia).

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AFA 09 Regional Cosplay Championship – Application

This year, AFA09 will be holding the first ever Regional Cosplay Championship in South East Asia. The top teams cosplayers of their selected country will be sponsored by AFA and also get a chance to compete in the grand Regional Cosplay Championship Asia in Singapore. There well-known cosplay artist from Japan, Kaname☆ will be judging the event personally.

Those who are interested please make way to the AFA RCC website and forfuther details, information, and entry forms. So what act have you got for the cameras?

AFA 09 Meido Kissa Models

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe

Just minutes ago, Irvin Tan and Amos Wong are the photographers for AFA 09 Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe Models released his album of all the moe girls on Facebook. I must say, they look really ‘yummy’ and my ‘totoi’ feels very itchy after viewing the shots made. For those who has Facebook, could access the album at the AFA’s Facebook page.

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